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Coming soon...

Due to COVID 19, breeding plans are uncertain at this time.  Being unable to complete health testing and unable to travel to the stud owner's home is making us rethink plans we had.  We do have at risk people in our home and are taking quarantine very seriously.  

You can also follow our FaceBook page as I often make announcements there before having the time to update this site.  The FB page is also where I will post updates and lots of puppy photos when we have a litter.  When we don't have pups, the page is pretty quiet, but you can always send a friend request to Kat Roll as she often posts photos of our adults and you can see a great deal of what temperaments are like and what daily life is like for our breeding dogs.  You can get to know them as individuals and it gives you and idea of what to expect from a puppy from our lines.

Our breeding FB page is:

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