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Nadia is a constant source of entertainment in our home.  She absolutely never tires of demanding that you throw a toy for her and she makes sure that she is the center of attention at all times.  She is truly the queen of this house and she knows it.  She loves playing frisbee and agility.  She enjoys obedience work as long as the treats keep coming, but would much rather be chasing a frisbee.  She enjoys being a lap dog in between play sessions.

  When we moved to a home with a pool, we made the difficult decision to end Nadia's show career and keep her clipped short so that it is easier for her to fully indulge her love of the water.  Chlorine staining on her lovely white coat is why we originally started using pet safe coloring on her long hair, but she enjoys the extra attention so much and it fits her personality, so you will see that her colors are always changing.  

Nadia and Sawyer traveled to NYC to participate in Meet The Breed and represent the Lowchen breed there.