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Current Events

  • April 2022 in Bear, DE - Korbel won a Group 3 under Judge Elizabeth Muthard.

  • April 2022 in Harrisburg, PA - Crackle won two 5 point majors to finish her championship. Kiki (Sylvan Myst Fragile Like a Bomb) won a 3 point major towards her championship. Bali took 1 BOB/3 BOS/1 Select and finished her GCH. Korbel took 3 BOB/1 BOS for points towards his Silver GCH.

  • March 2022 in Louisville, KY - Korbel won breed every day, including three BISS. Korbel also went on to place in strong groups every day. Bali won an AOM and Select at 2/3 specialties. Crash won two AOM and a Select.

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